Recap of our latest posts

The Arc has now been online for nearly two weeks. Thanks for reading! In case you missed any of them, here are the posts we made in week two:

In this post, we took a look at the correlation between teams’ winning percentage at each stage of the season and their winning percentage at the end of the season, using data from 2000 onwards.

Fremantle’s truly historically awful start to the season has distracted a little (but only a little) attention away from the fact that Richmond has also done very poorly.

We took another look at the age distribution of each club’s 2016 players, including all rounds up to Round 6. We then looked at which age group is generating the most Dream Team points at each club. GWS is terrifying.

The AFL’s CEO claimed on AFL 360 the other night that crowds are at record high levels so far this year. He’s right, but only if we look at the totals rather than averages.

There are usually six teams that will go on to play finals who sit within the top eight after round 6.

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