Ratings, projections and tips for 2019

Last season was a quiet year for me at The Arc. My wife and I had our first kid, we moved countries, and I started a new job – all of which meant there wasn’t much time for footy stats analysis.

At the end of the 2018 season, I told myself I’d either jump right back into it (new player-based model, regular posts, etc.) or stop entirely in 2019. Instead, I’m going with a mushy middle option – continuing to run my Elo model and post updated ratings and predictions on the site, but with no new model and no plans to get back into regular posting any time soon.

So, you can find my Elo model’s latest tips here; find team ratings and projections for the rest of the season here. Links to those two pages live in the sidebar/menu of the site, so you can find them easily. Apart from updates to the tips and ratings pages, the site will continue to lay fallow for a while until I can find the time to jump right back in.

If you’re interested in AFL analysis, though, you’re in luck. A whole bunch of new bloggers – with models in tow – have joined the fray. The best way to find them all is via Squiggle, which compiles all the models’ tips, including mine.

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