About The Arc

The Arc is AFL footy, graphed.

All graphs and words by me, Matt Cowgill. I’m an economist and  used to write a graph-y blog about Australian public policy, but I don’t anymore. This blog quite clearly has nothing to do with my job as Chief Technical Adviser for a UN agency, but the usual disclaimers apply nevertheless.

You can follow the site on Twitter, or like us on Facebook. You can get in touch using the contact form below. If you have any interesting questions about AFL football that you think a graph might help to answer, please send them our way.

The Arc would not be possible without the amazingly comprehensive data archive at AFL Tables. Thank you, Paul. Other data sources are noted if and when we use them.

Logo and other design-y bits by Sarah Coakley, who is very good and should feel good. The WordPress theme is Atlas.

All graphs at The Arc are made with R, using ggplot2 and other stars of the tidyverse.

The Arc is a non-commercial site. The site is in no way affiliated with the Australian Football League.

Thanks to Matt Kunkel for the name inspiration.