Hello! Posting at The Arc this year has been sparse, just as I foresaw. Sorry about that. I’m not planning to go back to regular posting anytime soon, but I intend to eventually, when time permits. In the meantime, you can always see my Elo model’s team ratings and projections here, and tips for the forthcoming round here. If you’re interested in footy, particularly in what numbers can tell us about the game, you might be interested in the new book Footballistics out now through ABC Books! The book is written by James Coventry along with a bunch of co-authors, including me! I co-wrote the chapter on teams’ cohesion and the chapter on home-ground advantage and the effect of travel on players, as well as chipping in a few bits and pieces to some other chapters. If you like The Arc, I’m very confident you’ll enjoy the book. Thanks, Matt

2018 at The Arc

Last year, I had the great privilege of writing a weekly column for ESPN Australia & NZ, dubbed ‘Footy Forensics’. Unfortunately I won’t be able to do it again this year, as I don’t have nearly as much time available for footy stats. Thanks very much to the team at ESPN, I really appreciated the chance to write for the site. I’ll still post at The Arc, but posts will be sporadic. I’ll have my Elo-based predictions running and will occasionally post on topics that strike my interest. I’ve also started blogging on non-footy topics at, so check that out if you’re interested.