Matt Priddis set a new AFL tackle record

Matt Priddis laid 11 tackles on the weekend in the Eagles’ dismal capitulation to Hawthorn, leaving him with a career total of 1502 tackles. Holy arbitrary large number, that’s two more than 1500! He’s overtaken Lenny Hayes (1496 tackles)) and Jude Bolton (1490), each of whom played quite a few more games than Priddis to accrue their tackle totals. Andrew Swallow is tackling at about the same rate as Priddis, but at the moment he’s nearly 100 behind Priddis’ new record.

Priddis is tackling at a prodigious rate, which is a silly sentence to say out loud. Look at all those tackles! Behold the way the greenish line starts high, gets higher, and has been above seven for the past few years! Cool.

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